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Early Stage

We are long term investors, and build lasting partnerships with founders and managers of great businesses. These partnerships are formed after the company has raised some pre-seed capital, developed a proof of concept, or obtained some market validation. our initial investment is typically into seed or Series A rounds and we reserve significant capital for follow-on investments.

Active Management

We only invest in a handful of new companies every year and are usually the most active investor in our companies. We take a unique active management approach, provide ongoing advice, help build teams, and secure key customers when needed. With a strong network of industry partners and co-investors, we ensure our portfolio companies have the right support and capital to grow.

Our Focus

Digital Health

Healthcare IT and Medical Imaging

  • Advanced imaging revolutionizing non-invasive care and diagnostics.
  • Cloud computing bringing best practices to point of care.
  • Technology creating new channels for effective delivery of care.

Internet & Software

Data-driven SaaS and B2B platforms

  • Data-driven platform technologies disrupting legacy industries.
  • AI & Automation enriching knowledge-based professionals.
  • B2B marketplaces disrupting niche industries.


  • iGan Partners is a venture capital firm investing in emerging early-stage tech companies with a focus on Digital Health and B2B SaaS.

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