Trish Barbato

Clinical & Technical Advisory

SVP, Innovation at Revera

Trish Barbato provides strategic leadership for Revera in the area of innovation, one of the company’s core strategic priorities, and oversees the Information Technology function. She has deep experience in private, public and non-profit sectors of the health system, and served as Senior Vice President of Revera Home Health from 2010 to 2015. Before joining Revera in 2010, Ms. Barbato was President and CEO of COTA Health (mental health and rehabilitation services). She was Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of Providence Healthcare, and Managing Director of Bayshore Healthcare. Ms. Barbato defines success as exceeding resident expectations, keeping employees deeply engaged and being open to new ideas. She’s a Chartered Professional Accountant Fellow, holds an Economics degree from the University of Waterloo and a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award recipient.