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Think Research

Expert clinical content at the point of care

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Healthcare IT
  • Invested in 2015

The Story

Think Research offers knowledge-based tools and clinical contents for clinicians at the point of care. Healthcare organizations are facing a growing number of complex challenges. Adapting to and navigating all this complexity requires new ways of thinking. Healthcare organizations need practical and cost effective solutions that approach its users’ health care challenges in new and creative ways. It connects clinicians, facilities, and entire healthcare systems with the quality clinical contents and the technologies to put it into practice. It also offers its users with knowledge translation services, partner apps such as eMED-PASS and how2track, and EntryPoint platforms and applications.

We’re marrying technology and clinical knowledge. For our healthcare providers today it’s becoming really hard to keep on top of their practice, there’s a huge amount of information that’s bombarding our clinicians, whether that’s changes in drugs, and technology, whether it’s the huge amount of clinical evidence that’s available to them, the explosion of information that’s now being indexed on the internet, it’s just really really hard for clinicians to keep on top of their practice, to know the evidence-based best practice and to apply them to the bedside.

Sachin Aggarwal

CEo, think research